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when I try to download .11 it keeps giving the demo version and its 1.0 any reason why its doing that

It's at least $5 dollars for the v.11 version.

question, how do i use the cheat codes?

steam pls, dont want buy in this page


Steam is going to be a while. You can always sub to Patreon if you don't want to use


This demo is full of bugs , every time I try to use the computer options it turns grey and I try to reload but it keeps doing it 😩


I’ll check it out. The computer it’s not necessary to complete the demo. 


will the full release ever be free


Just finished the .11 updated and was wondering, will there be more Ramirez content? 


Yep, down the line she’ll get updated content. 

The Android links for the full game are downloading as .zip instead of an apk, and even when I rename it to apk, it won't let me download it

Don't rename it, just unzip it using your file browser. 


Ok, thank you

I am having a problem i tried to install it and it says that i can't for no reason


Maybe try a different browser.


Hi when the free version of the game would be released


Goes free February 1st

I hear no Sound from the game. How can I fix that?

Also, is there a discord server?


Not sure. Did you check the game settings? And no discord.

I think you messed up the Mac it's saying it's v1.0


If you downloaded the demo, it says v1.0. The $5 version is v0.11

when will the new update come ou


Update 12 will take a while. I’m working on other projects until the end of the year. 


I can't find a walkthrough on the derogatory path

Even filled up the points on that but nothing happening


The walkthrough is downloadable for free.


Thank u, appreciate it

Can't install the android versions since they are zip files and not apk. Tried changing the zip to apk but the game wouldn't work when I attempted that.


Gotta unzip it. Apk is inside.


The cheats dont work in the android demo. It shows an error screen instead and says rollback. Is this normal?


Cheats are only for the full version. I'll have to fix that for the demo.

Hey Dead End Games I wanna come out and say im sorry for my wording in my comment I had said interesting which would u personally recommend? also thank you for answering so late. When I said thank you for answering so late i meant like late late not u didnt answer me on time it was like 1 in the morning or around there thats what i had meant not the other one again im sorry on my wording


Hi, it's okay. I understand what you meant now.
As for the recommendation, it's all up to what you like and don't like. Besides the one change they're the same game.


ooo ok thank you so much for your time ill try the v.11i then

I'm getting a ton of errors on mac, is that normal?


Shouldn't be. Have you played before? Did you start a new save file?

I'm getting errors as well but its off of old loaded save progress, brings up errors whenever i try to go in other rooms in the house during the da


You will have to start a fresh save file, sorry, I should have put that in the description. There is a way to skip past old content when restarting. 

Ya, I was using old saves. No errors with new game. Thank you for the reply!


Of course, enjoy!

I have a question sorry if its stupid but what is the difference between v.11 and v.11i? i plan on getting one of them but im stuck lol.

v.11 is vanilla

v.11i contains incest

interesting which would u personally recommend? also thank you for answering so late.

They are both downloadable with the one 5 dollar donation. I got them together. 

not to sound dumb but if i pay the 5$ for v11i Would I have to pay again when v12i releases?

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Not a dumb question. And yes, every update is an additional $5. I treat the page an alternative to my Patreon for early access. All versions go free after 3 months.

Well just asking,what difference between demo and v.11?

Demo is a demo version with only a few scenes. 

v.11 is the Beta version with all completed content so far. 

This may be a dumb question. I know v.11i contains incest. I just want to know, does the regular v.11 have incest at all? If not, that's the one for me.


v11 has no incest what so ever.


thank you very much. I know which one to get now.




I really enjoy your game it was really good ignore all the hate continue to make the game the way you want to do it it's your [[game]] there's a difference between critiquing something to point out things that could possibly improved and make the game more fun and just flat out hating on it as for the [[optional NTR]] I loved it the scenes in it were really good and spicy I hope that you'll add more NTR scenes for different characters or continue with Lorraine in general I love the mind set of adding all different kinds of fetishes it makes the the whole game experience awesome Keep up da gud work oh and happy haloween


Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Happy Halloweeeeeeen


Why can't I get her pregnant in 10i ?


Being redone for v.11. It's out November 6th.


Very good game, waiting for updates


Hello! I downloaded the game a few days ago and I'm wondering why whenever I type in a cheat code it displays the text "Invalid Code", any idea?


I tried to download both since I wanna know what's the difference or what is missing but when I tried to put on the cheats it doesn't work, it only says that cheat invalid thing on both version


Hey, I just finished the vanilla version of Buisness of Loving and I really enjoyed it but have a few questions regarding future updates if you’re able to tell me. My first question is will there be continued stories of characters from this version besides Lorriane? Like for example the people in the office like Patty or Kim, maybe Charolette though I doubt it. My second question would be will any of the characters have lines? Maybe when more VA’s are hired? I get it’s a visual novel but I feel like it would be a nice addition to this game. Sorry, the new Lorriane audio posted on Patereon had me thinking. Thank you for answering my questions in advance and this is a really good game and can’t wait to see how it progresses. Good luck with the game. 


There will be continued stories for every character! Charlotte included, she'll be getting extra content when the time comes.

And VA's have been hired for all of the characters that are in game currently. Thanks for playing. ^^


Great, thank you!


Hi, which is your Ren'py version?


I'm using 7.5


Do you think you would go through a lot of issues if you updated your Ren'py to 8.x? 

I ask because Ren'py games don't run on my phone, unless their Ren'py version is 8.


I was planning on it, I'm going to run some tests soon. ^^




Love this game I have 2 questions 1. What happened to Lorraines degrade route and 2. When will those other characters be added

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Thanks man! She’s getting her remastered degrade route next update, along with pregnancy. Nov 5th is the release date. 

Other characters will take a while. 


Great keep up the great work looking forward to it


Are there any interesting incest games or authors, please recommend them,

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(Android i) Lorieane stopped progressing? I don't have the option to do anything with her. According to the guide she should be available at night but isint. This was after a jog/massage and apparently a common issue before the free release. Is a fix available for that?


I have to look into that. Which guide are you using? It may be outdated.




What is the exact date for the public release of the latest update? Just curious🤔







Deleted 31 days ago

weird, thanks


If the game's kickstarter is unsuccessful, I was wondering if there would still be a way to support the games development? I would love to support this game.


I will still post updates here and on Patreon. The Kickstarter was to help with some expenses, but if it doesn't pan out, the game will still continue. 😁


Enjoyed the incest and waiting for the pregnancy option! Thank you!


I am as well and these people who dislike the kink should have the option not to get somebody Impregnated.


Hey id just like to say i just bought this and found out the dude in the office has my name.... And is basically me. Now im not saying i know you but you know way too much about me


I may or may not live outside your window.


makes sense...


i'm only going off of comments only here but what i've seen is that there's cuck stuff in here yet it's optional though people continue to complain about it am i right i want to try but im not exactly a fan of cuck stuf


Yes it’s completely avoidable, the prompt makes it very clear. 


You deserve all the horrible shit coming your way


bite me


I would but it seems the rest of the internet already has. But of course you probably just get off to that dont you cuck? 


Keep fighting the good fight of insulting creators man, it’s a great look.


Ignore him lol, half his post history is playing cuck games and then whining about it. He's either a fetish poster or fucked in the head


So you just made this account to say this, huh?


That's unnecessarily rude; you are free to say that you don't like the new content, but you are doing yourself a disservice by attacking devs. 


If you put yourself out in the public, and do something stupid, you get attacked, simply as.


Harassment is never justifiable, no amount of internet tough guy bravado will change that. This stance is incredibly childish and pitiful, and you should know better as a developer yourself. 


Believe what you will, really won't change the amount of shit you get from doing something stupid publicly.


That logic is flawed and is a paradox


how do i start threesome, also is pregnancy still in the incest version


Finish Lorraine and Lily's route, then visit Lily's house. Pregnancy is getting added again next update.


Yo, I've been playing this game for a while, and I'm not in to the last update so much, but your work it's awesome, please keep it up I'm waiting for the next update.

 In the end of the day it's your game 

Much love bro ! 


Many thanks! 😄

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