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When will v13 be updated here?



Can't  wait for new Patty content  for the free version! Keep up the good work!😁👍🏾

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Hi ! Just wanted to say, I love the game so much ! Can't wait for MORE !

Stay safe and healthy !


Alright, so I found the NTR stuff, and if you were able to find it without looking for it and complained about it, at that point just admit you're a cuck. Like, it's clear something is gonna happen if you don't do anything, and it even gives you two chances to back out, yet you still went through with it? You might have some underlying stuff you might want to think about. Speaking of, I tried to do that route in the Loving Route, and I don't know if it's because of my obsession for having 20 billion save files or if it was because I used cheats, but it glitched and it acted like I saved her from Apricot or whatever his name was.


Lol, this is a great review. And thanks I'll check in the files to see if something's messed up there.


Oh right, I don't know why I didn't think to ask this before. Is there any NTR with any of the other women, or just the "definitely not mom/ definitely mom (depending on the version)"? 


Nope just her. 

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Trying to use the cheat code "bounceonmyboy" but I have límited typing space is there a way around this?



Game gets stuck already at the character name. Please help

If you are on Andriod, try a different keyboard.

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I'm on a windows pc. I can enter a name but can't confirm then. So the game doesn't go on. Tried every single key on the keyboard. Mouseklick as well doesnt work

Hey how is Zach Lee do you trigger the new event with the doctor I don't know how to do it do you have to buy the game again or what exactly I'm sorry if this is not implemented yet and I'm just I'm confused on what exactly I need to do

Hi there! It's a brand new game, and it's Patreon exclusive at the moment. It'll be on after a few more updates.

When I try to install from my cell phone it says "Application not installed" :( does anyone know why

What version are you trying to download? And what phone OS are you using?

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It says there is a dress up mini game(dg route) for Ramirez is that available in the free version

Also the game says that lor_fridge_sex is not found

thanks for letting me know, that’ll be fixed this coming update 

Where is the paid version?

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So why did you add NTR to this? Also is that new game getting that awful stuff?


Cuz I do what I want. And no. 


whats the difference between v12.4i and v12.4


At the top of the description.

v.12i contains incest.

v.12 is the vanilla version.




Patty supremacy 🛐🛐🛐🛐


Let's go!!

Which is better Incest or non incest version?





I gotta Say... after playing through all of the possible routes I really apreciate this game!, the writing for these characters is really sexy and charming, all types of body images... mostly, and implementation of the loving and degradation makes you feel curious to play each one, to know what could have been..., and patty's such a nice addition to this game, and the VA's are a nice complement to the experience... at first I have my doubts as for playing this game because of the artstyle, but as gameplay progresses I came to appreciate it!, really looking foward for what's to come! 

Did you do the Bathtime Together hentai manga?





(Splish-splash, we was takin' a bath, I got all my sisters and me!)

(Sorry, I'm freezing my ballz off in Gnome, Alaska right now, bored out of my mind.)


LOL np

Not compatible with android pixel 7

Sorry about that. Hopefully Ren'py will support it soon.

Great game really enjoying it - haven't encountered any animations yet, are they later on in the game?

There are a few scattered here and there. You'll find them if you keep playing!


Love the game, waiting for the future updates!!!


Thank you! They are on their way… 

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there's so many bugs. every time I go out the house trying to go into the city I get an error. then when trying to scroll through the progression sheet I get errors

Did you start a new save file? Old saves are not compatible. 

oh I was using an old save from previous update.


Try a new game and enjoy. There are cheats if you’d like to skip ahead available on this page.  

Hey Dead End Games I believe the link for the updated cheats is broken 

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It’s been updated. 

hey Dead End Games, whenever I click something my screen turns into something called " An Exception has occurred" do you know how to fix this

I keep trying to download the game, but it keeps saying that the disk is full when it's not.

Everytime i click "cheats" an error pops up, any idea on what's wrong?

im running the Mac version of the game and every time I try to launch the game it closes and says it quit unexpectedly

I may have to reexport it, I’ll try and fix it asap.

thank you so much

There is a link at the top of description for alternate download links. Perhaps you can try those uploads.

Sorry to bother ya but I gots a problem, see, when I try to start it, it commits seppuku and don't launch. I am wondering if any of you lot 'ave the same problem or if D.E.G 'as any remedies for it?


what version are you playing? Mac Pc, etc

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Pc, thank ya for responding. btw can I drop the accent? makes me sound like I'm 50 lol

There is a link at the top of description for alternate download links. Perhaps you can try those uploads.

And accent?

Idk why but I typed the first comment with a weird accent lol but yea I'll try that link


So did you decide to take the jeph Jacques route and remove the little sister because it's easier to keep people from getting the wrong idea? I was looking forward to either helping her stand up for herself or turning her into a bully. But given the rest of the games content it might have been for the best.


Yeah, she was in before I really know what I was doing with the game. She’s taking a backseat role now.

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Curious if you plan to expand on the NTR side content?


Yeah eventually 


Question for users about payments since this is the first time i have this problem - If i bought "the rights" to download all future versions for $5 and now the minimum amount to have "the rights" is $5.15, do i have to pay another ~$5 or would it be just the $.15 to get the amount even?

I don't really wanna pay twice and the game is just great. Would like to be able to play again the latest build :(


Neither- If you already bought the access, you should be fine, even if the price changed later on 

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I’m throwing that out after this update, you’ll have access to every update without extra payment. 

Thanks guys. 

I paid $5 in the past, when there was v11

Now i have access to demo and v11 walkthrough only, that's why i'm asking.

I should be able to have access to v12.4 but i don't and it seems "i'm short $.15". 

Anyway, than you! Gonna wait for the next update and then try to reason with my wallet


Yeah this has been confusing a lot of people, my bad. The update will drop for free Sept 7th so keep an eye out. :)

i was wondering if you were thinking about adding new characters


There are still 2 love interests I haven’t added, plus some some fun side characters for the future. So more are coming!

I bought the game earlier this year but my link sends me to the demo downloads, can you fix this please?

The new update is an additional fee or you can wait until Sept 7th when it drops for free. 

There’s also a link to the old version in the description. 


@Dead End Games

is there still some you know the "inc**t" version of the games? 
or will it be not in that category anymore?
will the "i" version be updated?

All versions of the game will continue to be updated. 


Bro if you're a solo dev making this game im impressed. i always give up on my games lol


Takes time but you can do it! Don’t give up!


yeah I quit but the moment I’m learning art then after that I’m gonna learn animations i will try not to multitask you know


Awesome! Good luck man!


thx dude fr

cheat mode maybe to unlock everything?


Will you eventually add more pregnancy scences to the game?



Thank you


when will there be a new version?


I've yet to try this game but the fact the devs are ignoring comments about the pricing issues is a big red flag about this one. I think i'll pass up on it for now.


I’ve already made multiple comments and a post in the FAQ. 

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I downloaded the game demo but it won't show pictures at some it says in the beginning image 'bg_city_streets' not found and this happend with lily later.

Weird thanks for letting me know

how to check the new cheats i cant access the link when i hover over it i cant click it


just make the game free

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best advice over 1000 other games move on.  Oh i paid for the game once should not have to pay for updates

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