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Umm what are the cheats??

What's the difference between the 2 android files?

I haven't had any issue downloading this app on my phone until this update. Amy ideas why? I'm on a samsung s10e

I'm going to post another version along with it, this one might not be compatible with your phone.

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okay sounds good. That was the issue


Hey I'm wondering about the further degradation route with Lorraine. I've gotten to where you get the buttjob but there is no other scenes after that happen for me. Do I have to get further in other storylines before the next scene triggers? Or is it something else. Her DP points are high as all hell though so I doubt it's that I'm lacking on those.

Hi sorry, hadn't read comments in a while. 5.6 fixed the issue with the broken DG route, my apologies.

how to use a cheat, im noob, help


You on mobile? I realized I need to update it, they don't work on mobile yet.

If not, name your character one of the cheats and enjoy!

thanks bro


In a New Game, I just type the cheat in where they ask the character name.


where is the cheat.txt?

Should be in the first folder.


Is it free now?

Sill not free...


Up for grabs now, enjoy!

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Update? Is it free now?

Lol, 2 more hours and it'll be!!!

Looking forward to it :)

HEY, sorry! It's up for grabs now, enjoy!


When is this free,

September 18th!


I see buying these releases as like the alternative to Patreon. I don't usually buy games in progress, and simply buy finished games here on so I don't have a Patreon. I guess buying the new releases each month for a comparable fee to a Patreon subscription is fair, since I could skip releases if a new batch of content isn't something I'm interested in.

That being said. I bought the previous release here, which was super hot. And then bought this release too, and it was worth it. If you're super patient, you could probably just wait till the final release and buy it once, then.

Back in the day, people bought game demo discs from stores to try out games before they released, so it seems like the same deal going on here, and seems fair to me.

I've played a lot of games that never got finished, but this one seems like it'll be finished one day. So, thanks dev for the regular progress! Take my money. :)

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Much appreciated! Glad my smut is worth it. ;D

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Even a guy with ED can get it up pretty fast playing the Lorraine or Lily routes ;0

Super looking forward to a Patty route. Ramirez routes are amazingly written.

But man, man, man, it would be awesome if there was some route that combines a Max Good Lorraine, and Max Bad Kim route, where you can help Lorraine or include Lorraine in getting revenge over Kim. That...hoo boy, that would be hot.

edit: Or even a Max Good Lorraine and Max Good Kim where you reconcile them, that'd be equally awesome.

edit 2: Or a Player x Ramirez Bad X Grayson scene, :D heehee, this game has so many awesome possibilities


These are some grade A ideas. I'm always looking for new routes, so if you don't mind I may use some of these ideas in the future....

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Sweet! :)

If i buy do i get future updates?


 No, sorry. But every update goes free after about a week.